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That day we sat on the lot for hours, bathing on the concrete shore. Amber rays spilled down your back like a bucket of saltwater, sultry and sweet as it left our skin. These are times when we can’t keep up with ourselves. Words still don’t amount to the way we felt, only the words we spoke as we tangled in a half-windsor… “This is how we’ll remember it…” as if we knew. How could we know? I can’t stand such a selfish thought of you. Where are you? What are you doing? Do you remember?
“Why must we all live this way, confused and tired and grinding to a halt? Our words dig our graves, they bury us. I hope we’re buried as quickly as our graves were dug. What takes a life? ‘Son, you are not quite right, and you must go now.’ But I‘m left wanting a steady hand to help me turn this page, to find out what is next. What happens next?”
It was the same place as before. The same place, on the shore. And in the same world, I saw your ghost floating around where the ocean opened our mouths and made us kiss with tongues. Run back to the place where we were kissed by ocean mist.
“Don’t follow me, I’m falling down.. I hit my friends, I hit the ground. Please let me walk alone, slip away, lose control… Let me fall.”
I’m still waiting for you to become mist. I’ll pass right through you. Your moisture will burn my skin; my eyes will shut and bleed. And I’ll wring out my shirt in an old, abandoned bucket, cracked and broken and stored away forever. But you’re already gone. Absorbed. Lost. I'm waiting.
I’m beginning to know what it is to lose. There’s a promise that in this life we will all lose what we hold dear. But if we are to know, would our humility be compromised? And what would the lowly become? Can you imagine the hearts on their sleeves? And the things they leave behind, just for you to notice that they were here at all…
“Pull me back, I’m in a strange place, I’ve never been here before. It’s so cold I can’t feel my arms or legs. I’m so scared, and why can’t you hear me? All I feel is a warmth growing inside of me. Stay away from the other side… Shadows, touch me. Become one in between.”
In your home I’ve found the most serene place that I have ever known. I want to wrap myself in it and live in it for days. The amber sky dyes your hair a reflection, and with a fistful of it I could melt the world. If only the notes on the hills would linger, the sky sings the sweetest song when we’re both here. I long to stay. But you’re somehow away. You stay away. Somehow I know we’re never truly apart, because the hills are still singing.
All Show Me 04:14
I close my eyes at night to stories that end easier than wiping tears away. It’s all that I can do to keep the thoughts of you at bay. They fill my bed, try to penetrate my mind. I won’t let you in. It’s still better than watching every star go out at night and, one-by-one, wondering if each one is yours. I’ll dig my hand deep into my pocket and toss a last coin to this wish that that you won’t ever hear, that you aren’t ever near. So long, so sick, this wishing well is on my side and I won’t need good luck because I won’t be around. Wishing well, wish us well. All we’re left with are bleeding hearts to match bleeding eyes from sharing our loss and longing for more.


Free downloads right this way: itsachugknocklife.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-sky-above-and-earth-below.html

Recorded February 2013 by Adam Becker at Red Lantern Studio. Mastered by Kevin Hahn at Opal Studio.

Released by Friends for Life Records


released May 16, 2013

The Sky Above and Earth Below is:

Miller Reda - Guitar, Vocals
Reid Stubblefield - Bass, Vocals
Sam Pape - Drums, Vocals

All words written by Miller and Sam.
All music written and recorded by The Sky Above and Earth Below.

Extra vocals generously contributed by Elizabeth Williams, Dan Silver, Adam Ciresi, Corey Ciresi, Clara Ridabock, Lee Ellis, Elise Borland, and Zoe Brittell.

Photography by Tony West, Samantha Sutcliffe, Reid Stubblefield.

Design by Reid Stubblefield.

Thank you so much to Nick Vicario, Jared Ridabock, Clara Ridabock, Chris Gough at Texas Toast DIY, Erik Saenz at Affinity Index, Trevor Bebee, Edward Beaudin, Karen Shea, Koshka, All of our Moms, All of our Dads, Nate Sonenfeld, Tony West, Samantha Sutcliffe, Cyrus Lampton, Ryu Shinohara, Jason Clackley, Corey Ciresi, Parker Johnson, Kyle Souder, Carrion Spring, Mercy Ties, Walter and Perry, Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, Cower, Sloths, OKER, My First Castle, Into The Open Earth, Ten Thousand Leagues, мища, Lee Corey Oswald, Our First Brains, Roc 12, DJ Dog Pussy, Blackwater Records, VISO, East Side Deli, and any one we may have forgotten.


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The Sky Above And Earth Below Portland, Oregon

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